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Application field


Livestock and aquaculture

Application of humic acid in animal husbandry and fishery

Due to the strong adsorption performance and chelating effect for heavy metals, humic acid can effectively absorb various toxic and harmful substances produced in the feeds and in the digestion and metabolism processes, such as amines and ammonia sulfide, etc., which not only can ensure the health of animals, but also can reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the breeding houses to purify the environment.

I. For livestock

(1) Humic acid is not only a good nutrient substance, but also a growth hormone of livestock and poultry. Long-term application of it can avoid drug-induced and non-drug-induced immunosuppression and prevent the occurrence of bird flu.

(2) It can promote the development of immune organs, improve immunity, enhance anti-stress ability, reduce the incidence rate and improve the survival rate.

(3) It can increase the speed of weight gain, shorten the feeding period and achieve the early slaughter.

II. For fishery 

(1) It can increase the weight gain of  fish and reduce material consumption.

(2) It can effectively enhance immunity, prevent and treat fish diseases, such as bacterial-induced enteritis, gill rot and tail rot, etc.

(3) It can improve hatching ability and wintering ability.

(4) It can regulate the quality of breeding water.