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Liquid Fertilizer

Application of humic acid in liquid fertilizers:

Humic acid liquid fertilizer can not only provide quick-acting nutrients, but also can exert the biological activity of HA substances at the same time. It has low usage cost, high added value, convenient application and quick effect, so it is very popular with users.

There are three types of liquid fertilizers:

(1) dilute solutions, including HA monovalent salts, HA-urea complexes, etc.;

(2) foliar fertilizers, which can be colloidal solutions, allowing a small amount of suspension, but it must have a certain degree of stability with very little water insolubles, and without flocculation when diluted with hard water;

(3) water flush fertilization, which is allowed to be suspension and coarse dispersion with good stability. This type of fertilizer is called as”suspended fertilizer” in some countries and is required without precipitation or condensation for several months at normal temperature. When diluted with water, it can be finely dispersed and has a certain resistance to hard water flocculation during using.