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Linhai Humic Acid Factory carriesd out industrial upgrading and reconstruction project in 2017

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Lingshi Linhai Humic Acid Factory was established in 2003 and, which is a member of China Humic Acid Industry Association. In 2004, the project was approved by the Lingshi County Development and Reform Bureau approved the project toand invested in a new project with an annual output of 50,000 tons of humic acid compound fertilizer in Liangdu Industrial Park (Jingjiagou Village), Lingshi Countyto produce 50,000 tons of humic acid compound fertilizer in the two-duty Industrial Park of Jingshi County (Jingjiagou Village). After the project is completed and put into production, relying on the advantages of local resources, the company has long been committed to the professional development, production and direct sales of humic acid organic compound fertilizer relying on the advantages of local resources. In 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture promulgated the "Zero Growth of Fertilizer Zero Growth Action Plan by 2020". The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has vigorously promoted the transformation and development of the fertilizer industry. In 2016, the State Council promulgated the "Soil Prevention Action Plan," orin short "Ten ShishiRules for Soil", which iswas a milestone in the soil remediation business. Our humic acid and organic fertilizer industry ushered in new opportunities for development. In 2017, our company was also guided by the national policy. In order to adapt to the new market demand, weto invested heavilygreatly in the transformation and upgrading of the company's overall industrial structure of the enterprise in order to adapt to the new market demand,. We have developed The high-end pure ore source yellow humic acid series products, which enable the company's products to upgrade from low value-added to high added value; We also introduced advanced production equipment and production technology to, renovate the original production line, eliminate backward production capacity, and introduce high-end equipment. In order to, which make the enterprise production to upgrade the company's productiondevelop from extensive to intensive,; the company hasWe purchased advanced environmental protection equipmentadvanced, such as gas-fired boilers, gas tanks, gasifiers, dust-removal towers and, vacuum hoods and other  and so on,advanced environmental protection equipment in accordance with national environmental protection requirements, andas well as improved the construction of environmental protection facilities. The leaps from “coal to gas” have been realized, which has enabled companiesenterprise to upgrade from high-energy consumption to low-energy consumption and low-pollution, which hasas well as enabled our plant'sthe humic acid business of our plant to reach a new level.