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Product R&D center of Linhai humic acid plant independently developed pure source fulvic acid series products successfully

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In 2016, Linhai Humic Acid Factory established an independent R&D team of new product technology under the leadership of the general manager, established the “R&D center” and “central laboratory”, and invested experimental equipment, various raw materials, auxiliary materials, and fuel power. Ffees, testing and testingexam fees, and meeting technology exchange fees, etc. After two years of repeated experimentation and exploration, we finally broke through the problems that humic acid is not resistant to flocculation, low activity, and poor compatibility of a large number of elements and medium trace elements,. fFrom product trials to From the intermediate trial, then to the final production line, the company paid a great deal of time, cost, manpower, material resources, and financial resources. Finally, in 2017, itwe developed a series products of high-end, pure mineral source fulvic acid drip-fertilizer and leaf surface fertilizer that could be more suitable for market demand in 2017. Fertilizer and other series products have  to achieve thed wide application of humic acid in drip irrigation and foliar spraying. Tested by relevant national authorities, the indicators of fulvic acid content, water solubility, and deflocculation limit have reached the international and domestic excellent standards of excellence. They areIt is in line with the testing indicators of similar products of famous German brands and passed field trials. The eight major roles of fulvic acid in the agricultural sector have been fully reflected and the effect has beenis obvious. This has enabled the company's products to upgrade from low added value to high added value.