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The pure ore source fulvic acid technical innovations achievements of our factory are transformed to industrial production

Latest Announcement
In January, 2018, according to the configuration requirements, we completed the commissioning of all production equipment and production processes. All the products produced by using high-quality raw materials were qualified, and the equipment has reached the expected technical requirements. The 1520,000 -ton/year of pure ore-sourced yellow humic acid fertilizer industrialization project was successfully implemented successfully, allowing our R&D results to be transformed.
Thought leads the way and, the strategicy layoutplaces of the future., inFacing the future, we have formulated a new strategic development plan, a new mechanism, a new starting point, a new concept and, a new height,. wWe are relying on the talents advantages of talent, scientific research advantages and, brand Aadvantages, making to strides toward higher strategic goals, which play an active role in improving the usage efficiency of the use of fertilizers and water resources and, as well as promoting the implementation of national water and fertilizer integration strategies.