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Briquette adhesive

basic information


Black gray powder

Moisture %


Fineness (head)


The melting point of this product is 1200 degrees, the cold strength is more than 60KG and the thermal stability is good

Project indicators

Briquette binder is a kind of blending agent that that bind (consolidate) and consolidate powdered fuels together to facilitate the formation of blocks; After formation, it should ensure that the briquette has a specific shape and performance; It is mainly applied to the auxiliary role of coal processing technology; Briquette binder is a key auxiliary material that determine the quality of briquette.

Functions and characteristics

Briquette binder is produced through a complex chemical reaction between inorganic materials and various organic chemical materials. The addition of pulverized coal quickly forms a needle network structure, so that the briquette (bamboo) has high cold and thermal mechanical strength and heat stability; It has high moisture resistance, waterproof performance and water immersion strength; High combustion value into the furnace, high heat intensity after combustion, low drop-breakage rate, no ash and no pollution with simple operation.

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